About TVB Anywhere SG

A1) TVB Anywhere SG is TVB’s legitimate over-the-top (OTT) service exclusively for Singapore audience offering an enormous archive of classic and latest TVB programs.
It keeps on offering you an unexpectedly enormous archive of TVB dramas and varieties shows in VOD, from the latest releases to the most classic titles;
With reference to your viewing habit, TVB Anywhere SG recommends the most favourite genres for your selection;
In-app subscription plans without commitment for your purchase consideration, you can continue or cancel the service simply at your fingertips

A2) TVB Anywhere SG is available in Singapore only.

A3) No, TVB Anywhere SG is available in Singapore only.

A4) TVB Anywhere SG currently supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English displays.

A5) TVB Anywhere SG supports the following platforms:
TVB Anywhere SG app via mobile phone (Android and iOS)

TVB Anywhere SG service plan and subscription

A1) You may subscribe the service at the TVB Anywhere SG App via in-app purchase.

A2) TVB Anywhere SG mobile app purchase: Service will be activated once you received in-app purchase confirmation email from the Apple Store or Google Play.

A3) TVB Anywhere SG subscription service period will be effective for every 30 days via in-app purchase of App Store or Google Play. It will be renewed automatically

A4) Once you have subscribed TVB Anywhere SG premium SVOD service, you may not disconnect the service and it will be effective within the service period. If you subscribe via in-app purchase, subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off within at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

A5) No, you can’t. You have to provide a valid email address when subscribing.

A6) E-billing receipt is the electronic version of billing receipt through internet. Customers will receive on email notification.

A7) Yes, you can use the same account on different devices. The maximum concurrent video playing quota for free member is 1 and for pay subscriber is 3.

A8) Please visit the official website: https://www.tvbanywhere.com.sg/index.html#service-plan for details. For customer who subscribe through internet or mobile service provider, please contact your service provider for enquires.

Payment and billing enquiry

(applicable on customers who subscribed through TVB Anywhere SG website or customer service hotline)

A1) No, currently we only accept payments through in-app purchase.

A2) Please contact your App Store or Google Play support

Program viewing

A1) Some programs are limited to adult and restricted to customers aged 18 or above, password is requested to confirm watching as well.

A2) Please visit our official website: https://www.tvbanywhere.com.sg/service_plan or email us for enquires or subscription.

Most TVB live streaming program is available within a couple hours after broadcasts in Singapore on TVB Anywhere SG VOD, depending on the genre of programs. All programs are subject to final announcement by TVB Anywhere SG.

Technical Support

A1) Suggested requirement for using TVB Anywhere SG:
Smartphones: - Operation System: iOS 9.1 or above, Android 5.0 or above
– Wi-Fi or 4G LTE data connection
Click here to check the list of all TVB Anywhere SG compatible devices

A2) The basic bandwidth requirement for TVB Anywhere SG mobile app: - 1.5Mbps or above

A3) No, changing interface is not available currently.

A4) TVB Anywhere SG service may not be available if the equipment is incompatible or lower than the minimum requirement of our service. Subscribers should use device and operation system which are TVB Anywhere SG compatible. Please visit https://www.tvbanywhere.com.sg/basic_requirement for details.

A5) No, TVB Anywhere SG app does not apply on other TV Box.

A6) Subscribers can only watch TVB Anywhere sG programs by using TVB Anywhere SG App through suitable mobile device.

Personal Information Amendment

A1) Customer may change their personal data via “My Account” of Member Zone in TVB Anywhere SG APP. Record will be updated instantly.

Service Termination

(applicable on customers who subscribed through TVB Anywhere SG website or customer service hotline)

A1) Please go to “Account” in TVB Anywhere SG app interface.

A2) You could do cancel subscription via App Store or Google Play.